If you’re looking for a band to fangirl/fanboy over, settle in and get acquainted with Brisbane’s newest pop-rock trio, Selfish Sons, whose debut EP SixFour has already racked up 85,000+ Spotify streams since it was released earlier this month. Channelling authentic 90s rock, the band draws inspiration from the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Pearl Jam, and The 1975, and with a sold out show already under their belts, SixFour showcases an exciting beginning for a local outfit with the goods to go mainstream.

Opener, Spyglass, begins with some classic drum and bass beats that work together to establish the alternative-rock vibe of the EP. As the song progresses, it leads to a crescendo of guitar riffs and killer vocals which document the end of a relationship and the path to self-discovery.

An addictive chorus draws you into Heroine, while the softer vocals of Broke (which seems to draw inspiration from The 1975’s early work) tell a story any millennial can relate to – having no money and drinking red wine. The second half of the EP remains gentler still, with tracks like Solid Ground and Mona Lisa taking on a softer musical sound. Lyrically, the tracks are more reflective and grounded in realism. Sunbreak Horizon brings the SixFour rocking good time to a close with a powerful ballad full of solid drums, loud guitar, and emotive vocals.

Selfish Sons have found their niche, and with impressive streams and sold out shows to boot, it seems their fans agree. Their debut EP SixFour is further testament to a burgeoning career that has the potential to go mainstream.

Selfish Sons’ debut EP SixFour is out now. Catch the band playing their new tunes at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl next Saturday, 16 February.