Full of dark-pop, psychedelic vibes and powerful lyrics, Sabrina Lawrie is Brisbane’s very own rock Queen. Her debut album Hush The Mountain features nine genre-bending, convention breaking tracks that provide an all-access pass into her intriguing mind.

Written over the past five years, which included a period spent healing from a life changing injury in the form of a broken back, Hush The Mountain feels like an intimate look into Sabrina’s diary.

Opening track, No Rules perfectly encompasses the overarching themes of the album, with a whispered message of equality and a thoughtful look at dealing with life’s challenges.

Headgames takes on a more indie/folk feel with simple guitar strumming before launching into classic rock chants and heavy drums. Become and Shine the Light continue this powerful streak, with Sabrina’s commanding voice grabbing your attention from the first notes. This trio of tunes will leave you feeling unstoppable.

If you’re seeking something a little more slowed down, Little Red House is just the treat – you’ll be hooked on the smooth, consistent drum beats and beautifully dark lyrics. Title track, Hush The Mountain fittingly closes the record; a perfect end to a touching journey.

Sabrina is an artist able to mould any genre to her will. Mixing hard rock tunes with more chilled pop, she offers something for every listener. Recently announced as a finalist for Queensland’s prestigious Grant McLennan Fellowship, industry heavyweights and fans agree Sabrina Lawrie is rising rock royalty.

Sabrina Lawrie’s debut album Hush The Mountain is available HERE. Catch Sabrina performing at the Grant McLennan Fellowship Announcement at The Triffid next Friday, 1 Dec. All event information available HERE.