ROO’s new EP Bansidhe, dives deep into the darkness of the human mind. With haunting tracks that echo in your mind and move through your soul with ease. The third EP by ROO will uncover emotions inside you that you didn’t even know existed.

The opening track Bansidhe starts the EP off with a graceful and beautiful melody. Before the song transforms into a powerful and heart-wrenching lyrical piece of artwork. Each song follows the dark theme that surrounds this EP. The instrumental remains strong throughout with a beautiful mix of both slow and fast paced songs.

When talking to lead singer, Roo, she discussed the dark meaning behind these songs and where she drew inspiration from. “I was dealing with PTSD when I wrote most of the tracks on Bansidhe. It was hard to go outside and I spent a lot of time alone. Music was my way of making sense of what was happening.”

Bansidhe follows explores themes of stalking, obsession and confusion. Whether you can interpret these themes within the songs you will definitely feel them. With every note and word, Bansidhe will tug on the strings of your heart until you can’t feel anymore.

Overall Bansidhe is a uniquely beautiful EP that will sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

ROO’s latest EP Bansidhe is out now via Hungry Spaniel Records. Listen to Bansidhe HERE.