On their debut EP Bel-Haven, Brisbane quartet Radium Dolls unleash a tight five-track collection of hard-hitting and thoroughly entertaining punk-rock. Two short months after releasing their promising first track, the band well and truly deliver. At its core, their debut effort is a passionate ode to the punk genre executing captivating energy heaped with a bunch of personality. The quartet combine frantic performances with complimentary low-fi recordings creating a vibe that feels lively and relatable.

Radium Dolls open the record with Treat and My Girl, two explosive punk-rock bangers where every instrument and aspect fits together seamlessly. From the sprightly drumming to the animated vocals, the quartet announces themselves as a band unable to sugar-coat. What ensues is a 20-minute debut that is more than difficult to fault. Radioactive Quackery is a criminally catchy anthem begging to be witnessed at one of the band’s fantastic live shows. Where To Go is a slow-burner with a tasteful country twist that features sharp lyrical lines like ‘I’m burnt out but I’ve barely even been burning’ while Transmission also adds a psychedelic tinge. Memorable and impactful lines are found in spades throughout this release which feels like it has been cooking to perfection in the oven for a decent while.

Striking a wonderful balance between punk-rock and Australiana, Radium Dolls’ Bel-Haven is a bright, sharp and incredibly promising debut. In the end, the only disappointing aspect of the EP is that it is not a full album.