Last weekend saw the release of Self-Improvement, the sophomore EP from Gold Coast quintet Pure Milk. With talented guitarist Dylan Lindquist reprising his role as producer, Self-Improvement demonstrates growth whilst retaining the DIY charm of their debut Sunny Young Boy. Distilling the band’s signature blend of garage-rock punk into a tight 21 minutes, the songs on Self-Improvement are shorter, punchier and more distinct.

Pure Milk’s sophomore EP is made up of four post-Sunny Young Boy singles and three previously unreleased tracks: the wonderfully punk-centric Gotta Have It and Idleise as well as Don’t Drive West, the first tune written for the band by songwriter Lewis Nitschinsk. Despite the wide span of time the tracks were written and recorded in, Self-Improvement has a smooth flow. The record’s diversity is best displayed at its midpoint with the soft and heartfelt I Know (Thank You), a touching ode to being a good friend. The following track Idleise then offers something completely different in its energetic performance and sharp baseline.

Intelligent production teed with Nitschinsk’s charming delivery and lyrics makes Pure Milk’s sophomore EP Self-Improvement a down-to-earth, easy to love and memorable release.


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Feature image: Pure Milk by Bridie Oxspring