On their appropriately titled sophomore EP Self-Improvement, Gold Coast quintet Pure Milk displayed an impressive growth in all aspects of their songwriting and performances. Now their third EP Garden Anxiety, seesthe band go from strength to strength delivering a refreshingly human and diverse collection of tracks that’s easy to recommend to anyone who likes to feel a wide range of emotions while dancing along to catchy music. 

Sunny Side Up opens proceedings with bright guitars and driving percussion. The verses work as an excellent build to the euphoric and ridiculously catchy chorus. Bar a couple of tunes on the release, Pure Milk turn down their usual punk influence and replace it with a surprising country tinge. This new inspiration is a welcome addition for the intro track and the band’s best single to date Pressure. The bouncy punk, anti-small-talk banger Conversations feels like a great throwback to the band’s roots without them repeating themselves. The mood is kept high with the following track Pressure – a blissful bop you can’t help but move to. They continue to showcase their versatility by effectively contrasting the fast pace of the first few tracks with the closing two, striking gold on the timeless, early Arcade Fire-esque slow-burner City Kids (Rats). Vocalist Lewis Nitschinsk has a knack for writing sharp, memorable lines that when combined with his emotionally understated delivery truly stick with you. The track is topped off with a breathtaking climax that features exquisite vocal harmonies between Nitschinsk and fellow Gold Coast natives LABEL. and Tiarne. Garden Anxiety is closed quietly but thoughtfully with It’s raining outside right now. A charming indie-rock gem that acts as the ribbon tying this musical magic together.

On their third EP Garden Anxiety, Pure Milk have truly outdone themselves, finding their sweet spot combining charming rock bops with a heart of gold. All in all, a repeat-worthy record!