Is Legion Music Festival taking requests? If so they should add metalcore greats Polaris to their line-up. Listen to their new EP The Guilt & The Grief (out this Friday, 29 January) and I’m sure you’ll agree, this band would have any heavy music festival crowd in a frenzy.

This record has no warm-up tracks. Once you hit play on opener Regress, there is no going back. Regress is all about dealing with the social impact of what the band describe as ‘backwards worldviews’ and you can feel the pent-up aggression being released like a sonic kick to the teeth.

It’s not all rapid fury though, this is brilliant metalcore laced with catchy melodies, and lyrics that are personal and reflective, as drummer Daniel Furnari explains.

“There’s a lot of questioning, a lot of self-doubt and regret and blame. But there’s a strange kind of optimism in there too, a desire and a drive to be a better person even if you don’t yet know how.”

Aside from Regress, the EP’s other two singles Unfamiliar and Hold You Under (which features Marcus Bridge from Northlane) further solidify this record as a must-have for all heavy music lovers.

So, if you haven’t checked out Polaris’ music yet we recommend you do, because we predict these guys will be popping up at a heavy music festivals across the country real soon!

Polaris’ sophomore EP The Guilt & The Grief is available this Friday, 29 January. Pre-order your copy and catch them on tour next month.

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