The musical equivalent of Michael J Fox’s infamous Back To The Future saga, Brisbane powerhouse rockers Port Royal are taking listeners back in time on their sophomore EP Love, Passion, Satisfaction. Fusing love and rock ‘n’ roll with good old fashioned 1960s and 70s vibes, Love, Passion, Satisfaction pays tribute to a legendary era that featured The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, delivering a record laced with euphoric nostalgia.

A sonic blast from the past, opener Beating Blues is a rocking 70s-inspired jam. On the slower end of the spectrum is One Of a Kind which sees the band explore the differing shades of rock sub-genres they colour within. Then there’s Baby Don’t Know – a track so smooth it feels like the music is literally flowing through your veins. Baby Don’t Know features some phenomenal backing instrumentals, but it’s the following track, Famous For Sure, that’s the real standout. Famous For Sure combines amazing instrumentals and strong vocals into a catchy tune that could incite hysteria similar to Beatlemania, had it been released around the same time.

Rounding out the record is Lucy, a poignant tune intended to pull at heart strings and encourage listeners to embrace the ones they love. A fitting ending to an EP, which front man Lawson Doyle says is all about “life’s triumphs and struggles” and  “stories that scream of love, passion and the drive to be satisfied.”

Satisfy your sonic cravings and turn back the clock to the golden era of rock with Port Royal’s sophomore EP Love, Passion, Satisfaction (out now).

Learn the lyrics and catch Port Royal bringing Love, Passion, Satisfaction to life at Brisbane’s The Triffid on 2 November. All event info HERE.