Like a best friend can comfort you and build you up when you’re down, Phoebe Sinclair’s debut EP, Sentiment, is an honest and empowering record that unpacks the woes of love with a wise understanding.

Opening track This Isn’t Love has a wonderful ebb and flow you could run to – in fact if you’re looking to run away from an unsatisfactory ‘this isn’t love’ type relationship this is your song. Here Phoebe conveys raw emotion reminiscent of her idol Adele but through the sweet, somewhat naïve lens of youth.

Next in line is Mine – a song you can imagine echoing off the walls of a quaint underground bar or coffee shop. The stripped back instrumentals allow Phoebe’s voice to take centre stage. Her voice is captivating, drawing you into her world and emotions. It’s like watching a movie or reading a book and empathising with a character. Her voice lingers in your mind even after the last chord.

Final tracks I’m Still Here and I’ll Be The One take things up a notch, addressing the painful insecurities relationships can incite. I’m Still Here is particularly powerful. Although it contains lyrics like “I’m fading inside,” there is a level of detachment in the storytelling that suggests the author is recounting their issues after already moving on. One word: inspiring.

Rounding out the record is a slightly more upbeat remix of Mine, which shows the different shades and meanings the song embodies.

Overall, Sentiment is a solid debut that lovers of soulful vocals, heartfelt storytelling and ambient soundscapes will adore.

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