More baddass than Hellboy? Raunchier than the whole of the Underworld franchise? The new Osaka Punch Death Monster Super Squad record will have you practicing your best slow motion supervillain strut in your best birthday suit – and killing it.

Each track on this EP unravels like the story-line of comic-book verse. Osaka Punch has mastered the funk metal fusion, seamlessly integrating deep basslines, falsetto, growls and shredding galore.

Eat You Up opens the show with the tried and tested boy meets girl. Featuring ample horns, and one shattering breakdown this story-line is more akin to spider meet fly.

Make The Call is the conflict of the story. The deep chanting vocals and eerie synth gives the aura of suspense. This track will have you on edge wondering what’s lurking around the corner.

Opening with what can only be described as rhythmic battle guitars, Served With Mustard is a cry to arms. This track channels an Incubus vibe, with lyrics laden with mischief, promising “one hell of a night.”

Tracks Stonk and In Or Out are standouts on the EP, with the guttural guitars heralding in the battle scene. The heavy guitars are offset with the sound of synth-organ (is that even possible? Anything is possible on this record). There’s a really nice contrast between the softer melodic side of these tracks and the rough guts of the main harmonies.

Mankiller is a more funk-centric piece and is almost reverent on the aftermath of the battle. This track changes tempo and is less reliant on heavy riffs, instead opting for lilting high range vocals.

Spider and The Fly brings back the hardcore, and sums up this record in the most potent clincher.

Overall, Osaka Punch’s Death Monster Super Squad EP will have you nodding your head and humming, as you don your superhero cape. Highly recommend!

Osaka Punch’s Death Monster Super Squad is out this Friday, 16 September. Sample the EP by watching the Make The Call music video (below) and catch Osaka Punch on their upcoming East Coast Tour throughout September/October.



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