With pop sensibilities and girl power anthems, Brisbane songstress Noralyn will have you singing along at the top of your lungs as she feeds you musical morsels of self-discovery on her sophomore EP, Lucid Dreaming, released last month.

Inspired by finding your purpose while living with love, opening track Rebel Heart is full of intent. Mounting a challenge against the stereotype of listening to your heart, the track aims to incite a rebellious streak in its listeners. Pop-laden beats give nod to Noralyn’s previous work while her vocals remain simultaneously poignant, poised and out of this world.

Wonder belongs in a fairy tale, combining glittering piano tones with lyrical references to the record’s title concept – lucid dreaming. Noralyn’s vocals encompass a variety of styles as she weaves a mystical story. In contrast, New Tricks is slightly more upbeat, discussing the mess of handling life and relationships whilst trying to make everything appear ‘pretty.’

Lone Wolf and Adventures both offer a quieter sound, giving moments of pause. These tracks tackle experiences of isolation and feeling at a standstill while longing for more excitement in life. Here, Noralyn brings listeners to the brink of greatness, encouraging us to make the leap towards a more fulfilling existence.

Skypilot is the perfect closing number. Soft and soothing like a lullaby, it ties off Lucid Dreaming with themes of encouragement and love. A gentle end to a stunning sophomore record.

Noralyn’s sound is like no other. With a quiet confidence, sparkling melodies and thoughtful lyrics, Noralyn weaves magic on Lucid Dreaming – her most enchanting release yet. We wait with bated breath to see what she achieves next!

Noralyn’s sophomore EP Lucid Dreaming is out now.