Having carved out a unique and dynamic identity within the local scene over the past five years, Brisbane based rapper and producer, Nerve has been ticking all the right boxes. One of the founding members of iconic Brissie rap group, Syntax Junkies, and a leading figure of the renowned No One Network, Nerve has lent his production and mastering finesse to collaborations with some of the biggest names in Australian hip hop, whilst showing his own skill as an artist at the top of his game. Rising from the Australian grime scene and heavily influenced by the UK, Nerve’s previous works including 2017’s Night Shift EP and 2018’s debut LP Sober cemented him as a cut above the competition. Mixing grime, boom-bap, and a subtle dose of drill, his newly minted Mumma’s Boy EP features some of the rapper’s most intense and creatives beats, flows, and bars yet.

What’s clear over this eight-track masterpiece, is the artist never stays in the same place for long, making it impossible to typecast. Of the five singles Nerve’s released this year alone, only Gone Stupid and A.S.M.R appear on the record, while the captivating dynamism of collaborative track Sunday Roast (feat. JK-47), is one of the project’s best. The simple beat allows for the personalities, bars, and talent of each artist to collectively and individually, shine.

Two of the most surprising tracks from the EP arrive in the form of Bad Side and Beau. With a sensual beat, ultra-smooth delivery, and additional vocalists, Bad Side feels like a soulful extension of the roots laid in 2018 track Got U. One of the most captivating and utterly wrenching songs from Nerve’s career though comes in the form of Beau, which intimately recounts the loss of his twin-brother. Relating a great deal of his own drive as an artist to this personal tragedy, Beau is imbued with sensitivity and passion, carrying a profound meaning no matter the audience.

Going above and beyond this entire year in all his shows and releases, Nerve is ending 2019 on a high with Mumma’s Boy.

Nerve’s latest EP Mumma’s Boy is out now. Catch Nerve on his Australian Mumma’s Boy EP tour which concludes in his hometown, Brisbane, on 2 November at The Zoo. All event info HERE.


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