There are some records so poignant, you turn to them during certain moments in life. For many, MofoIsDead’s Brisneyland EP is going to be one such record. With personal lyrics and quirky, mood-inspired instrumentation, listeners will find themselves on an authentic ride through the deep, dark and confronting crevices of the human mind.

Singles SemiDrop and Born Shit Die lead the way, holding a mirror up to society and commenting on the mundane void many experience in everyday life. The pulsing rhythm of the guitars and drums teamed with the hypnotic drawl of Paul Galagher’s vocals on SemiDrop make for a captivating and thought-provoking listening experience. Born Shit Die on the other hand, is a rousing anthem that could very well inspire a generation of dissatisfied individuals to rise up and stick it to the man.

Other track highlights include The Altruist and The Human Condition which both continue to probe the meaning of life. Throughout the record, MofoIsDead tone things back and then unleash their full rock sound, using such contrasts effectively to get the mood of each song spot on.

If you took the musical style of Faith No More and put it in a blender with the lyrical content of AFI, Brisneyland would be their unique sonic lovechild. Brisneyland is an intriguing rock record that will make a grand companion throughout many times and situations in your life!

Watch the newly released music video for Born Shit Die below and grab yourself a copy of Brisneyland tomorrow!