Brisbane’s self-proclaimed ‘sparkle swing’ trio, Mid Ayr, last week released their long awaited debut album I’m A Fraud. Greatly expanding on foundations laid by the band’s wonderful EPs, and taking their sound in unexpected territories, I’m A Fraud is an intimate, epic and fascinating 44 minute listening experience.

The record’s beauty is shared between the impressive range of front man Hugh Middleton’svocals, stunning instrumental breaks and an effortless combination of genres spanning dance, alt-pop, rock and folk. The singles prepared listeners to widen their expectations of the album sonically. Exit is a slow synth driven epic further perfected with exotic percussion and layered vocals. Asteroid is a dark, brooding slow-burner that showcases a combination of guitars, synths and of course impeccable vocals that explodes into a powerful chorus. What You Mean to Me is an atmospheric odyssey combining pulsing synths and glorious vocals reminiscent of the sound and scope on the underrated Ou Est Le Swimming Pool LP. No End To Your Problems is a bittersweet dance anthem full of infectious keys, group vocals and perfectly complimentary percussion.

Tracks Idiot, My Own Place and So Lucky have a scope that is reminiscent of M83’s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming but they combine atmospheric ambience and dance with a folk influence. Mid Ayr’s I’m A Fraud is an album that showcases not only incredible vocals throughout but some of the most absorbing instrumentation you’ll likely hear this year.  

Mid Ayr’s debut album I’m A Fraud is out now.


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