With the roar of summer music festival season coming to a sobering close, the beginning of university semesters, and the collective acknowledgement that those New Year’s resolutions may have to wait for next year, we’re landed back into that special month…February. Whilst December and January are usually a respite or break for most, newcomers to the Brisbane music scene, Melaleuca used this collective downtime to debut their alt-rock sound to the world. Forming in November 2019, the quartet have hit the ground running releasing their first EP, Face Down, just in time for their debut festival appearance at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl this month.

The EP opens with the title track, a grunge-rock piece that introduces listeners to the band’s repeat-worthy and well-executed sound. The catchy chorus makes this banger an instant favourite, while the terrific production adds to the quality of this sonic experience, capturing the warm fuzz of guitars and every touch of percussion clearly. The band slows their tone on the record’s second offering, Abbotsford, bringing together vocals, harmonies, and smooth riffs that feel like they were forged on a 90s road trip. The drums really shine in their simplicity and potency while the guitar riff is equally simple, yet effortlessly catchy and oozes in an inspiring nostalgia. Closing the EP in a big way with their debut single, Minutes, Melaleuca delivers grunge, alt-rock, and pop aspects in a seamless fashion.

The band’s hard work writing, recording, and rehearsing is tangible throughout their debut record. With their sound already possessing great depth and meaning, there is no doubt Melaleuca will be accomplishing great things this year. Make sure to catch this wave early and enjoy the ride!

Melaleuca’s debut EP Face Down is out now. Catch the band performing at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl this Saturday, 15 February. All event info HERE.


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