Brisbane millennial rock outfit, Liquid Friends, unveiled their debut EP Birdslast month and it’s pure slickness. Drawing inspiration from early Blink 182 with an Australiana twist, the EP, which owes its title to the nickname of one of the band member’s girlfriends, is a seven-track cure for life’s ailments. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will connect with something these rockers have to say.

Kicking off the record is Job which hones in on the experience of turning up to a job you’re not really invested in while counting down the days until your next holiday. It’s a completely relatable experience (haven’t we all been there?) and I’m digging it.

Valley, Some Say and Sour are more great examples of this band’s lyrical dexterity. A slight shift from Job, these tracks put people under the musical microscope, particularly the movements of the people around us. Sour in particular has a great guitar riff that ties everything together.

Pickle, Don’t Know and Spork take a different tact and are more introspective, journeying through the internal thoughts and immediate environment of the band’s lead singer. These tracks are heavier, particularly Spork which uses distortion to create a grittier vibe.

With their debut EP Birds, Liquid Friends have laid the foundations for a strong 2019, with a music video already released for lead single Valley and talks of another EP in the works. Wrap yours ears around Birds and keep your ear to the ground for more tunes from Brisbane’s newest rock group.

Liquid Friends’ debut EP Birds is out now.