Need a dose of happiness? The Free Loves’ self-titled, debut EP will do the trick. If ever there was a record that oozes positive vibes and pure bliss, this is it.

The record draws influence from each band members’ diverse musical tastes, blending 1960s and 70s pop with three part harmonies, acoustic blues, roots rhythms and some synth. Lead vocalist and guitarist Greg McHugh says the tracks are the top picks from their live shows – the ones they love playing, and the ones audiences respond to most.

“We road tested the songs at various gigs, and recorded the songs that had the most impact on the crowd. You can really tell if the song is working if it changes the energy of the room,” he said.

All three tracks on the EP will easily turn any frown or negative energy upside down. Lead track The Free Loves has a beat so jiggy you’ll be clicking your fingers, clapping your hands and tapping your feet feverishly. Give Me Some has a little more edge and is all about the carnal aspect of love – it has a groovy rhythm that could woo anyone. Final track My Hearts slows things down, encouraging people to wear their hearts on their sleeves and believe in themselves.

All in all The Free Loves’ debut EP is a fun-loving record you can really let your hair down to!

Grab a copy of The Free Loves and catch them at Mojo Burning Festival on 12 March, 2016 at Hamilton Hotel. All festival and ticket information available here.