Falling Out, the debut EP from Brisbane’s Joy In Motion, is a wonderful juxtaposition of catchy beats and hooks with lyrics that point out what’s wrong in life. It’s the feel good music you listen to when you want to say, it’s okay to not be okay.

Opener Falling In is reminiscent of early Placebo days with lilting vocals and melodic synth backed by that solid rock band sound. The vocal harmonies in this track are the stand out feature, especially in the chorus. The lyrics compliment the music, offering poignant meaning without over-complicating or overpowering the sentiment.

See Your Face is one of those tracks that takes you up the garden path, encourages you to smell the roses only to realise you’re holding the thorns. This track has a happy vibe, with pop-esque styling and deep lyrics layered on a rock soundbed.

Foolish Boy is probably the stand-out track on the record and makes for a fast-paced change. This number is power from the start with great guitar outros for every verse and classic group vocal cannons bringing everything together. It’s three minutes and thirty-five seconds long but I guarantee you will be drilling this tune on repeat.

Joy In Motion continue to grow throughout this EP, Can’t Stop is yet another display of versatility. Opening with keys, this track has a more static rhythm to the verses, transitioning nicely into the band’s now signature melodic chorus. This track shows you that Joy In Motion have no fear when faced with music exploration. A “trinkle” across some of the bridges, while out of place in most rock-laden songs, adds a really nice sonic effect of falling. It adds a level of wonder and hope, which perfectly reiterates the lyrics “I won’t stop now.”

The drum beats on final track Falling Out will have you air-drumming in no time. This song is definitely more beat centric, paired with a less lyric-heavy style and boy does it work. The chorus, in its simplicity, will ensure even after one listen, you will have this song stuck in your head for hours. Falling Out is almost the polar opposite to the first track Falling In, and just like that this EP comes full circle.

Throughout the journey of this record, Joy In Motion show listeners the ups and the downs, before ending on a positive note. As they say in Falling Out “this is then,” but for Joy In Motion, this is only just the beginning.

 Joy In Motion’s debut EP Falling Out is OUT NOW and available on SpotifyApple MusiciTunes and Bandcamp.