Inovo’s self-titled debut EP is a vortex of atmospheric rock that we’re more than happy to get lost in. With haunting tones and progressive rhythms the listener finds themselves swept up in a world that explores different kinds of fear – the unknown, the dark, evil and death.

“The songs convey stories centred on fear – some are cosmic and intimidating, whereas others are confined to the claustrophobic madness of the mind,” said vocalist and bass player Declan Nicholls.

Listening to the record is like immersing yourself in a museum full of beautiful art. The more you listen, the more exquisiteness and depth you unearth from each song. So strong is the craft and atmosphere of all four tracks that you can envision the tones that would be painted if a short film/music video was made for each one.

In fact, Inovo are well ahead of the pack, already creating striking visual material to accompany their live sets. As fans that attended their EP launch at The Zoo last Saturday night will attest, the band not only gave a brilliant, floor shaking performance, they also showcased interesting visual content – all of which they shot from scratch.

This is a band not content with being average. Both in their recordings, and onstage, Inovo go above and beyond to deliver an immersive listening experience. Their high-quality DIY approach (they self-produced the record by the way) combined with their competence as song-writers and performers makes them the full package, and anyone in the music industry would be lucky to have them.

Inovo are a band you should watch. To connect with them and find out how you can grab a copy of their debut EP, head to their Facebook page here.