Brimming with optimism and a thirst for change, Hussy Hicks sixth studio album Gather Up The People is the sonic salve the world needs right now. Fusing a flavourful array of styles in each track, the record is a wonderful blend of folk meets country with soaring lead guitars, warm acoustics, and waves of atmospheric soundscapes. Written over the past two years during the powerhouse duo’s adventures travelling the world, Gather Up The People is a collation of moments and reflections with community at its core. Whether it’s vocals recorded in an Alabama river house or in a studio in Harlem, New York, Hussy Hicks articulate their life experiences with finesse, creating a stand-out anthology of work.

Title track Gather Up The People introduces the concept of the album, one that is befitting for COVID-19 times despite the record being written pre-pandemic. Distinct clean-toned guitar guides the instrumentation while lyrics concerning community, sharing, and understanding evoke an emotional response that is echoed throughout the rest of the record. Delicate and soft-spoken track Hid Myself, is another emotive piece beautifully crafted with acoustic strings and profound lyrics. The song builds, welcoming warm and powerful percussion and transcendent harmonies that then flow into the emboldening blues ‘n’ roots number, Mountain Peak.

The evolving album conjures an array of sentiments, with The Edge instantly drawing listeners in with its stripped back instrumentation and raw vocals. Get Ready, Change Is Coming, Hummingbird’s Wings and Take A Look Over are further examples of Leesa Gentz and Julz Parker’s artistic versatility and originality. Everything I Wanted And More is a gripping and emotionally-charged track that speaks of love and hardship. The passion and honesty of this ballad resonates with a story that stops you in your tracks. Closing the album, is the edgy and bold Wilsons River Blues which pierces with its soaring harmonies and melodic blues licks, finishing on lyrics ‘feel the spirit going round,’ a homage to the themes heard throughout the record.

Beautifully crafted in its entirety, Hussy Hicks have gifted the world a unique and unforgettable collection of tunes at a time when they are needed the most. An enthralling sonic journey from start to finish, Gather Up The People is a chronicle of wisdom for living.