Earlier this month, Brisbane punk-rock folk trio, Humblet, released their third EP Daylight Savings Time, a record that marks a shift away from the carefree folk sound of the band’s first two EPs.

The EP openswith Go To Rics, a Brisbane-tainted punk anthem and ode to the classic Fortitude Valley venue Rics Bar. The track is heavy, beyond catchy and boasts memorable lines like “If you wanna party like you’re back in 66, go to Rics.” After opening on a high note, the record continues to gather steam rolling into second single Mitch, an explosive rock number featuring irresistible riffs and Humblet’s frenetic energy.

The intro for the next track Happy slows down the pace momentarily with its gloriously funky bass-line, reminiscent of early Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The chorus however sounds like a huge country rock song mixed with a decent punk-rock influence, with raw earworm guitar riffs and a big sing-along hook to boot. The EP’s title track then follows and changes the sound and tone once again. Daylight Savings Time is a slow, contemplative folk song, enhanced by layered guitars, wonderful backing vocals and charming lyricism. It’s probably the only track from this batch of work that could fit comfortably on the band’s previous EPs. Instead on the current record it acts as a lovely intermission between the loud and entertaining punk-rock featured throughout. Hey Mate is a track that seems tailor made to see live in a packed, sweaty rock venue with its swagger and huge chant-able chorus. The closing track Dah Dah brings the country influence back on board with carefree and groovy instrumentals, and entertaining group vocals.

Despite combining influences from drastically different genres, Humblet’s Daylight Savings Time flows effortlessly and is entertaining from start to finish. On this record, Humblet have successfully made the leap from carefree folk into punk-rock folk with an entertaining, captivating and memorable six-track memento.

Humblet’s third EP Daylight Savings Time is out now.


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