Brisbane post-rock quintet House Of Giants dropped their debut EP Through The Trees earlier this month, and it’s a real treat. Inspired by the natural world and internal emotions, all five songs have an invigorating meditative charm.

The record draws on influences like Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Tortoise, Sonic Youth and Brian Eno, along with elements of blues and jazz to create a sound that captures the vibrancy of the band’s live show.

“We wanted the record to expand upon the energy of our live sound and provide a platform for listeners to transcend into their own world. We hope people take something away from it, whether that’s a relaxed feeling of total control or something darker and thought-provoking,” said bassist Jacque McGill.

The upbeat rhythm of Swamp Love will have your feet tapping, while the dreamy tones and reminiscent ambience of tracks Big Sun and Bloom will draw your thoughts inward. Each and every song on the EP is an immersive, therapeutic soundscape you can lose yourself in.

“Our music is like a platform to express a lot of internalised stuff and get it out, which feels good. There’s just something therapeutic about turning your amplifier up and getting lost in the sounds.”

Overall, Through The Trees is an enchanting debut that could put anyone in a contented mood. Play it through headphones on your daily commute, or through speakers while splayed out on the couch. Whatever you do, just make sure you play this record loud!

Listen to Through The Trees here and catch House Of Giants at their EP Launch tonight (Thursday, 3 March) at The Foundry.