Akin to a collection of electronic poetry symbolic of modern love, Holiday Party’s debut self-titled album is a concept piece that draws listeners into the journey of a broken-down relationship, exploring themes of love, loss and self-discovery.

With a contemporary blend of synths complimented by enthralling basslines and melodies, the Brisbane duo have captured a unique sound in time, creating a legacy for their niche style. Drawing inspiration from their influences The Avalanches and Beach House, Holiday Party have crafted an album personalised to their taste.

There is a distinct styling present on the album, with flourishing arpeggiated synths and soaring strings complimented by low-fi beats, that make the record feel like a hypnotic instrumental pilgrimage. Presented as Side A and B, Holiday Party is an unravelling emotive journey that kicks off with vibrant track Spending My Life. A charming and entrancing beginning to the record, the piece introduces the storyline of a hopeful relationship, before second track No One enters as a reflective break up song, such are the emotional waves of the record.

When I Think About Love serves as an intermission, with Side A feeling like the break down moment of the album showcasing themes of heartache, anger and loss that contrasts with Side B. Concluding the album with uplifting soundscapes that dive into self-reflection with Dream State, Side Bstands as the light at the end of the emotional tunnel.

Finishing off the album with delicate track Will You ties the album together nicely, tugging on heartstrings as we bid a farewell to the story told. The soft electronica ballad is reminiscent of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, featuring lingering synthesizers and samples that work with a gentle piano woven through the mix. This final track stands out as a beautiful art piece.

On their new album, Holiday Party have delivered a one-of-a-kind alt-pop creation.