In September this year, one of Brisbane’s most acclaimed emerging acts, Hallie, unleashed her long-awaited debut EP Wink Wink Nudge Nudge – a record that beautifully demonstrates the songstress’ artistic flair and years of experience, at every turn.

Incorporating some astounding talent into her band, including Dopamine’s Ruby Lee, Sid’s Balcony’s Robert Hill, and the marvelous guitar work of Taine Josephson, audiences are truly hearing the creme de le creme of Brisbane’s scene working together, delivering the sweetest of flavours on the record. Hallie’s honest and riveting lyricism shines bright amongst the gifted collective, who supercharge through various flows of energetic movements to slower, soulful songs.  The lyrical content has a deep resonance with a wide audience, pondering notions of self-expression, love, heartbreak, and conformity. Despite tackling a broad array of topics, Hallie’s perspective and wholly-realised ideas are wonderfully transcribed through every track. Moreover, the mixing and mastering wizardry of Brock Weston from Bedlam Records adds further magic to an already superb sound.

Hallie’s drive and evolution as an artist is well and truly on display throughout her debut EP, a gem that is sure to see the young songstress thrust further into the spotlight to an eager audience enamored by her relatability. On, Wink Wink Nudge Nudge it’s easy to see why Hallie is one of Queensland, and Australia’, fastest rising musicians.

Hallie’s debut EP Wink Wink Nudge Nudge is out now.


Feature image: Hallie by Madeline Randall

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