Golden Age Of Ballooning have released a special edition of their EP Illusion Of Control, with several new bonus tracks! Psych-rock mixed with indie-pop creates heavenly harmonies and complex yet classic sounds, with the new tracks providing further character.

Calling Me starts the EP with consistently strong vocals and electric guitar riffs throughout. Right from the beginning, Illusion Of Control is full of groovy and danceable beats.

Newest single Long Mover is dreamy, inspiring a road-tripping adventure and summer romances. A standout track that will have you feeling nostalgic by the first chorus, the song perfectly encompasses all the feelings that come with new love.

Title track Illusion of Control perfectly ties together with the first of the bonus tracks, Feeling Old. Rock influenced guitar fades out and transforms into melodic piano as softer vocals welcome you to the new material.

Sleep Last Night and Summer Town show the band’s folk roots and have a strong focus on the use of guitars that evoke the listener to reminisce on times gone by.

Believing Made It Real kicks off with a drum beat that immediately draws you in as guitar and vocals start to pick up. Boy-girl harmonies work in perfect symmetry with the chilled out vibes the song offers.

Special mention goes out to Anita Big Love, which is the acoustic version of Long Mover. While the acoustic rearrangement changes the sound of the song, the overarching themes of nostalgia and love are still heavily present.

Illusion Of Control is a joy to listen to, mixing genres to create a sound that can only belong to Golden Age Of Ballooning.

Listen to Illusion Of Control with new bonus tracks HERE and find further information on Golden Age Of Ballooning’s shows at Jungle Love (30 Nov – 2 Dec) HERE.