Last month, Brisbane duo Freight Train Foxes released their self-titled debut EP, a brief and sweet exploration of folk-pop. Throughout the release Patrick Kenny and Kelsey Berrington elevate their wonderful instrumentals with incredible vocal harmonies.

She Loves Me Not is a beautifully intimate acoustic number that instantly captures attention with its tender lyrics. The duo takes turns holding the lead vocal reigns, before their voices are married in the track’s poignant climax. Sailboat Sally is another of the EP’s brilliant duets, again combining idyllic acoustic guitars, strings and harmonies while also featuring the hook of the bunch.

Freight Train Foxes debut EP shows a great amount of promise from all aspects of the duo’s music. It features lines that are bound to get stuck in your head, wonderful guitar work, and minimal percussion that is effortlessly complementary to the strings and vocal harmonies which are the cherry on top. This record is easy to recommend to fans of folk or pop, as the duo offer a great deal in both genres, keeping things interesting and varied in each of the four tracks.

On their debut EP, Freight Train Foxes offer a wonderfully charming and intimate collection of folk-pop tunes that listeners are bound to adore.

Freight Train Foxes’ self-titled, debut EP is out now.


Feature image: Freight Train Foxes by Ramblin’ Ash

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