We all know that moment on a night out, surrounded by a crush of bodies, lights blinding and music blaring where you inevitably begin to feel a little existential. That atmosphere is exactly what Brisbane indie-rockers Feuds have managed to capture and soundtrack on their debut EP Stay Lost, which was released last week.

From the opening chords of tracks, Each Other, Incinerator and title-track Stay Lost you can feel contrast between the calm and the chaos; the contrast between yourself and the moving crowd.

With in-your-face guitar riffs and crooning, melodic vocals featuring in many tracks, it’s easy to throw your head back and succumb to the ebb and flow of this musical experience. As the title suggests, this record is all about losing oneself in the music.

Lead single River Of Wine is a personal favourite, with the play count hitting well into triple digits. Written from a darker place and dealing with themes of alcoholism and depression, River Of Wine is an anthemic tune perfect for yelling at the top of your lungs. Here Feuds have managed to seamlessly blend the maudlin and the manic to create something many people will relate to.

Another standout track is Sandcastles. While Stay Lost is predominantly an up tempo rock album, Sandcastles showcases a softer, acoustic side of the band. Don’t be fooled though, this is the calm before the storm because in the final bars, Feuds remind us once again of their ability to push boundaries and challenge the confines of our expectations.

If we were to add a tagline for the sound of this EP it would be – like the love child of Wolfmother and Evermore, with a dash Morrissey lyrics and a general rawness that can only be inherently Feuds. Listen to this record and you might just learn something about yourself – we certainly did!

Feuds’ debut EP Stay Lost is out now. Listen to and grab a copy of the record via Bandcamp, Itunes or Spotify and catch the band at their Stay Lost EP launch this Thursday, 26 August at The Bearded Lady. All event info available here.