From the get-go, Cheeky Velvet’s The Adventures Of Velvet will have you hooked. This is a tongue-in-cheek, futuristic EP full of pop melodies and lyrics that will get stuck in your head for days.

The record kicks off with Hickey, a track that is reminiscent of those giddy conversations about boys many of us had with our girlfriends as teenagers. The song is an amusing invitation into the wonderful web of fun Velvet weaves, with lyrics like “you’ve got a hickey, it’s kind of icky” sure to incite some giggles. Lead single Crazy For You definitely takes the cake though, paying homage to stalking cute boys in such a charming way that Velvet could easily have us all admitting we’ve done the same. This is a woman unafraid of making cheeky statements with her music, which is simply awesome!

While Velvet loves to have fun, her two tracks Bittersweet and Placebo show a more serious and vulnerable side to her writing. Thus, on this record she seamlessly captures both the highs and lows of dating in a way that’s easy to relate to.

With the flare of Katy Perry’s album One Of The Boys and the lyrical attitude of artists like The Pippettes and Australia’s own Claire Clarke, Velvet is an exciting up-and-coming artist to watch!

Find out more about Cheeky Velvet and listen to her EP The Adventures of Velvet here.