Brisbane duo Elko Fields have released their debut EP, and it is packed with riff-heavy blues rock numbers! Bursting onto the scene with their first single Cough It Up in July this year, these rockers have wasted no time in getting their name out there and attracting attention.

The self-titled EP begins with sultry blues track Never Slow Down. Filled with swirling vocals, riffing guitars one moment and softly pattering guitars the next, the song is ever-changing, with enough different sections to keep the listener on their toes.

The second song, Delores opens with punchy drums and the line “Well I once met a woman/ She had a one trick mind”, which sets the scene for the story to be told about a woman named Delores. The vocal dynamics in this track are shown off nicely, with a mixture of softly sung and belted words.

Cough It Up is a call and response song with both male and female vocals over driven guitars. The song is a bit sleazy, with the main hook “You’ve got something that I want/ Cough it up” sung suggestively, which we love!

Up next listeners are treated to Play Straight which features doubled vocals and a swaggering drumbeat which makes it the perfect song to bob your head to. Tilted Sally is a crashy song, with energetic drums and dual vocals. Slow to build, it really comes to a head at the chorus with loud, energy-filled vocals.

Delores Pt. II closes the EP. Starting off quiet, the song slowly builds in intensity, adding in guitars, then drums. It’s a great closer to the record, and showcases Elko Fields’ ability to use variation and dynamics to create interesting soundscapes.

If you’re a fan of blues rock, definitely give Elko Fields a listen, and keep your eyes out for this duo in the future!

Purchase a copy of Elko Fields HERE and get ready to rock with them at their EP launch tomorrow night (Friday, 18 November) at Black Bear Lodge. All event info HERE.