Bursting onto the scene almost a decade ago, Electrik Lemonade have refined and channeled elements from their supremely popular live performances into their 54 minute LP, Squeezed Fresh – hands down one of the most unique and refreshing releases of 2019. Comprised of eight funk-masters, the Gold Coast group uses their diverse array of skills and musical influences to juice together a mighty amalgamation of genres and constructions across fourteen titanic songs.

Not a moment is wasted on the genre-bending record which encompasses everything from hip-hop and  electronica, to sprinklings of blues. With so many styles blended seamlessly throughout, it seems as though the band treats the challenge of applying them all like a long-running punchline. It’s just about impossible to expect the next verse, let alone what the next song might treat you to. Though no song can ever be anticipated, the master MC – Barney Trub – exhibits his skills by guiding listeners throughout the project with commanding, personable, and humorous verses.

To let the music speak for itself, all of these features are exhibited in one of the best songs from album, Light it Up. Beginning with a sultry bassline, Barney delivers his rhetoric in a playful way, and builds into invigorating pacing. Soon, clashing drums announce the entry for growling electric guitars, until the horn section arrives to help break it down and funk it up. There are underlining rap-rock features to the song, but the ever present funk is a foundation for so much more to be explored and expressed. The group’s approach to experimenting with the funk in Squeezed Fresh is utterly awesome, and makes one ruminate on just how fun and frenetic their live show must be.

If you want a fresh slice of Electrik Lemonade’s sound, catch them launching Squeezed Fresh  this Friday, 17 May at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall. All event info available HERE


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