If you like catchy hooks and relevant real world lyrics then Difficult by Peppermint Ollie is the EP for you.

Difficult is a collection of songs that deal with the emotions you just can’t quite put your finger on. Drawing inspiration from “heartbreak and all the bad things in life,” Olivia Weeks aka Peppermint Ollie, brilliantly turns these negative experiences into light-hearted songs with a comedic edge; the old adage of laughing so you don’t cry.

Difficult, the eponymous title track is definitely a standout. It’s a ukulele centric tune, with some nice post-production embellishments. The best part about this song is the lyrics. Every example used is so relatable and teamed with the catchy chorus, makes this one play-on-repeat worthy. In true Peppermint Ollie style, Difficult deals with relationship troubles, but with an upbeat melody that keeps you tapping your feet, comfortable in the knowledge that everyone is in the same boat.

Next up is In Love With The Moon which takes a mellower tact as does Nobody Home, which seamlessly packages gut-wrenching lyrics into a seemingly happy musical vibe. Things then take a country-esque turn on Hurricane before the record concludes with I Wish I Were A Cat – an anthem for anyone out there who wishes they had the life of their beloved pet.

Overall, Difficult is a testament to Olivia’s talent and song-writing prowess. Fans of the three Kate’s (Miller Heidke, Nash and Bush) will immediately hooked on this record. Honestly, it’s not difficult to love Peppermint Ollie’s debut EP!

Catch Peppermint Ollie performing at BLOOM Series #3 at The Milk Factory on Friday, 17 August. All event info HERE.