Brisbane garage-surf quartet, Concrete Surfers, opened the year in explosive fashion releasing the title track from their sophomore EP, My Life On Repeat. With the EP now in hand, we’ve finally been given answers to lingering questions like – ‘just how far can a guitar fret be pushed?’, and ‘which factors have made this the band’s best release to date?’ Having first formed in 2014, Jovie, Jamie, Trent and Sean’s debut came in the shape of a surf-rock inspired EP entitled No More. Their consistency and astoundingly energetic live performances have led to well deserved opening spots for bands like The Gooch Palms, Royal Blood, and Ocean Alley and they deliver this same magic on their latest record My Life On Repeat.

Taking select influences from bands like Nirvana and The Strokes, the EP comes with some shaking highs and relatable lows that are carried throughout the riff-centric journey in perfect balance. The winding experience is opened with Tired and Tipsy, which displays their working formula to the max. A growling fuzz from a potent bassline is effortlessly combined with infectiously catchy riffs that layer underneath the often intense vocals by Jovie. Thumping, high-tempo drums bring the whole of this sound together and lets shine some truly epic guitar solos delivered by Sean. Though this amalgamation clearly sets out the band’s formula, how they execute and deliver each song differently really shows their aptitude for versatility.

Where you can listen to songs like My Life On Repeat and draw a succinctly Hockey Dad vibe from it, you can also hear Miscommunication which has melodies that sounds like something out of The Strokes playbook. After numerous listens you are bound to continue finding more to love, which will keep you coming back to the six track EP again and again.   

You can witness this absolute whirlwind on wheels that is Concrete Surfers’ My Life On Repeat EP at their launch this Saturday, 6 April at Blackbear Lodge. All event info available HERE.


This review of Concrete Surfers’ EP My Life On Repeat first appeared on Phoenix Radio’s Emerge program, hosted by Calen Le Couteur and Russell Thompson. Follow Emerge and tune in on Monday nights 7-9PM HERE.