Brisbane multi-instrumentalist Amber Ramsay (aka Cloud Tangle) is due to release her long awaited sophomore EP Falling Asleep this Friday, 24 May via Valley Heat Records. Falling Asleep is quite the contrast from Ramsay’s debut EP Pocket, which was a short collection of rich and dark dream pop. On Falling Asleep, Amber has created a lengthier, darker and more cinematic collection with only the title track featuring vocals.

Opening track Carousel Composition is captivating in its minimalism. The song combines eerily sombre synthesizers with slow percussion to begin the stunning but gloomy tone of the release, a sound that would complement as a score for a Nicholas Winding Refn film.

The gorgeous vocals in the title track are reminiscent of some of the quieter tracks of Crystal Castles’discography; it is enriched by the exquisitely dense and atmospheric soundscape. The layering of instrumentals is minimal but stunning featuring electric guitar with a wall of synths – a breathtakingly intimate song that’d slot right into the soundtrack for Refn’s Drive.

In the following tracks Amber continues the listener’s journey through exquisite yet sombre instrumentals that effortlessly seize and sustain one’s attention. The record maintains a consistent mood throughout but intelligently surprises with hints of optimism such as the synths in the intro of Waking From A Dream and the xylophone in Collapsing (Part One).

Striking out as a mainly instrumental record, Falling Asleep is a brave follow-up to Pocket, chock full of cinematic soundscapes that completely absorb the listener in its ethereal mood.

Cloud Tangle launches her sophomore EP Falling Asleep at The Junk Bar with Milow Pye on 2 June. Falling Asleep is out via Valley Heat Records on Friday, 24 May.

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