After making waves in 2018 with her debut EP Never Land, Brisbane pop songstress Chelsea Jyles returns with her sophomore EP – a record that asks everyone to Get Along. Layering distinct, chant-like vocals upon a synth-pop sound bed and pro-female empowerment sentiments, Chelsea Jyles’ Get Along sounds like Taylor Swift with an early 2000s punk-pop attitude.

Tracks House on Fire, Silly Things and Even Now all ruminate on lost lovers and romantic entanglements that just don’t feel right. Each of these tracks echoes a desire to fit together whilst acknowledging an inability to work through the little things – an issue that’ll resonate with anyone who’s experienced a break-up. Beg is a slightly more low-key track, which sticks to a similar unlucky-in-love train of thought. The coolest bit about this song though? A majority of the instruments are samples of Chelsea’s voice! Avid fans will also note the track length/time represents the singer-songwriter’s birthday day and month (extra cool!).

Imprinting her perspective and sound into delicious pop melodies you can’t help but Get Along with, Chelsea Jyles has made a mark with her second record. Get Along is a personal triumph for the talented young artist that we’ll all be playing on repeat for years to come.

Chelsea Jyles’ sophomore EP Get Along is out now.