After learning to play the guitar at 15 and first entering a recording studio at age 16, pop songstress Chelsea Jyles is ready to share her music with the world on debut EP Never Land, released last month. A ball of talent, Chelsea not only writes and sings, she also plays the role of Producer on the EP, resulting in a record coated with passion, talent, and utmost devotion.

Never Land starts with the insanely addictive and incredibly strong opening track, One Good Thing, a song those who’ve ever been deeply in love, will really feel. Next up is a song that’s really just a ball of fun. With a catchy tune and upbeat lyrics, Dedicated will have you dancing through every second. A turning point, and slower moment though, comes in third track Mess  – a poignant lament about difficult relationships. But, like the rest of the record, the beat and sentiment remains strong. Ironically, the next track, Get Over It, is one you most definitely will not get over, captivating with fast lyrics and a funky tune that really hits you, before silky smooth, By Now, closes the EP with a message about letting go.

Featuring amazing beats and original pop songs, Never Land takes listeners to new heights. Experience the magic by listening to Never Land via Spotify.