Brisbane quintet Cedarsmoke are back with their third EP Kicked Out of Eden, which dropped last week. This band has always struck me with how honest and introspective their lyrics are, and their latest offering is no exception.

The record kicks off with Waiting To Die. This song features a beautifully catchy little guitar melody throughout and the gravelly vocals from Jonathon Cloumassis really help convey the raw emotions in the lyrics.

Another great track on the EP is Fucking Up, which feels very reminiscent of 80s/90s Aussie alt-rock. There’s a great guitar riff in this song too, and it was stuck in my head for ages after I stopped listening to the song. Just when I thought it couldn’t get more Aussie alt-rock they pull out a harmonica in the last minute and a half! Amazing! Fucking Up is pretty long, clocking in at over five minutes, but I wouldn’t have guessed it. It doesn’t drag or stay around for longer than it needs to.

Title track, Kicked Out of Eden is well-produced, sounding thick and full. All the instruments seem to have distinct parts and know what they’re doing, and the lyrics are filled with clever metaphors, references and self-reflection. This band is ridiculously underrated.

It Goes Awry begins as a stripped back number, with instruments slowly being added in as it progresses. The lyrics in this track are really good – “Boarded up, closed off/ Quarantined with golden stocks of Microsoft/ Not even the jaws of life could get you to open up.” This song paints some beautiful imagery, and is that a subtle nod to blink-182’s Adam’s Song I hear?

Downer feels a little bit noughties Brit-rock to me (think Arctic Monkeys or The Strokes). It’s a cruisy track and nicely demonstrates the diversity of songs Cedarsmoke are capable of writing.

Overall, Kicked Out Of Eden is a thoroughly enjoyable EP sure to garner Cedarsmoke some much-deserved recognition.

Cedarsmoke’s third EP Kicked Out Of Eden is out now.