Brisbane rockers Carvel take a funky, pop-hook driven journey with their self-titled, sophomore EP, out this Friday, 27 April.  With chiming guitars, upbeat drum grooves, thick bass, and smooth pop vocals this record oozes passion, showcasing the band’s excellent musicianship, self-exploratory lyrics and song-writing chops.

The vast sonic atmosphere of Carvel is introduced with Dark Side Of Me before venturing into lead single Colour Me In – a deeply personal track that gives nod, musically, to greats like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Vile through lively riffs and a killer guitar solo. Behind the catchy chorus lies a message of reinvention; learning to open up, put your flaws aside and be comfortable in your own company. Colour Me In challenges listeners to replace darkness in their world with colour, leading the way as a musical “upper.”

Driving rock anthem, Abating God, and psychedelic instrumental jam Mosaic round out six spacious tracks that experiment with various elements without losing their pop sensibility. The catchy hooks, and sing-a-long choruses featured on Carvel are reminiscent of the song-writing style of Taxi Ride and the guitar playing of Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ John Frusciante.

Carvel’s sophomore, self-titled EP drops this Friday, 27 April via Bandcamp.