A moving collection of indie rock flavoured new songs, Australian singer Sammm.’s sophomore EP highlights the importance of taking care of yourself.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of settling into fresh sheets; they are after all part of what makes staying at a hotel feel so prestigious. Taking this metaphor and turning it into a collection of meaningful and dreamy indie rock pieces concerning self care, comes Australian singer Sammm.’s sophomore EP, Fresh Sheet Feeling.

Freshly pressed just last month, Sammm.’s (aka Samuel Geddes) Fresh Sheet Feeling is the follow up to his raw and powerful 2018 EP Mandarin Season, which provided an unabashed window into the struggle many people have with addiction. On his latest offering, the Brisbane musician continues to explore these themes lyrically without watering anything down, while also taking a new, dreamier indie rock, slacker-pop direction with his sound. At it’s core, the record serves as a reminder of the importance of taking care of yourself.

Lead single Four Eyes opens proceedings, blissfully combining layered floaty guitars with electronic percussion and a memorable bassline. This track is just the first taste of the EP’s wonderful hooks. Then after two minutes, the track surprisingly shifts into an intense climax with a passionate vocal performance.

Taking care of yourself is key on Sammm.'s EP


Sammm. then slows things down with Faye, a beautifully bittersweet slow-burner that explores the history and past partners of two lovers. The tune features one of the most vivid palettes of the release, effortlessly weaving intricate guitars with dreamy keyboards and one of Geddes’ most captivating vocal deliveries to date. The track continues the trend of having a significant tempo shift to close out, though this time around, it is a wonderfully euphoric, uplifting instrumental break reminiscent of some of The Cure’s catchiest tunes.

Variation is further explored with the bass-driven and endlessly groovy Fly, a track akin to Snakadaktal with a punk influence – two sound combinations that probably shouldn’t work but miraculously do. Title track Fresh Sheet Feeling closes the EP with a nostalgic, down-tempo, punk-fuelled and indie rock bang.

Offering an impressive combination of vastly different influences and sounds, Sammm.’s sophomore EP Fresh Sheet Feeling is hard to categorize but entirely easy to fall for. In the vain of taking care of yourself: go wash your sheets, remake your bed and snuggle up in bed listening to Sammm.’s sophomore record for a double whammy of that Fresh Sheet Feeling.

A talented Australian singer songwriter on the rise, Sammm.’s ability to share his own struggles with mental health and self care through his new songs, is sure to help countless individuals in the same boat on their journey.