Australian music is alive with the talents of tomorrow unearthed on ‘Big Sky Girls Volume Two.’

Queensland-led music initiative Big Sky Girls is a mentorship-based program that gives regional female artists the opportunity to collaborate, write, record, and release a song through the Big Sky Girls music compilation. With successful Queensland alumni Tia Gostelow, Asha Jeffries and Doolie now making waves in the Australian music scene, the exciting mentorship program continues to enhance and develop regional artists’ careers.

This year, there are a handful of Queensland artists featured in the Big Sky Girls cohort, including: Stella Hutchins, Jacinta Bradley, Georgia Grace Knight, Cassi Marie, Saraima Navara, Maggie Slater and Bellani Smith who have all contributed a track to the Big Sky Girls Volume Two compilation album, which has already received warm praise from industry bodies. Each of these stunning tracks represent the individuality and skill of the artists involved in the project.

Gladstone based singer-songwriter Jacinta Bradley introduces the compilation with sentimental and folklore track Hands of Steel. A song with metaphors that resonate, Hands of Steel is a pure acoustic track with standout vocals that relay the young artist’s story. Featuring shimmering electric guitar gliding behind the mix, this atmospheric track grabs you instantly.

Heading south, Gold Coast alt-blues artist Georgia Grace Knight introduces a sassy side to the compilation on Red Light using velvet vocals and a groove that gets you moving. Next up, Moreton Bay folk songstress Cassi Marie keeps things flowing with her quaint and heartwarming track Keep Me Safe, which soars through your soul with electric guitar undertones and spirited vocal lines. We’re then introduced to Ipswich soulster Saraima Navara and Alice Springs’ Jessie Grainer whose track Enough is an intimately empowering piece that speaks from the heart and cuts deep with gripping lyrics and minimalist instrumentation.

Captivating, emotive and honest, Cairn’s artist Bellani Smith unveils her bold and soul filled track Not Smoking. With pop hooks weaving in and out throughout, Bellani’s talent is apparent with a stand out song structure and melodic runs emphasising the emotions of the ballad. Fellow Cairns local, indie artist Maggie Slater, is also in the mix sharing her track Stability. An alt-rock fusion with an edgy undercurrent, Stability is a catchy and lyrically relatable track that fits the essence of Big Sky Girls.

From Rum City aka Bundaberg, comes folk artist Stella Hutchins who bounces onto the Big Sky Girl’s scene with her vibrant number, Dance With Me. Uplifting and dazzling, Stella shines bright throughout this light-hearted sing-along anthem. Tying the compilation together nicely at the end, this closing track sums up the gracious and moving musical experience that is Big Sky Girls. Flair is also added throughout the compilation from interstate talents Lena Kellie, Elestial, Floc and Pele

An exciting taste of the amazing musical talent that abounds throughout regional Australia, Big Sky Girls Volume Two is a stellar compilation album that takes listeners on a journey of love, reflection and nostalgia. A wonderful and wholesome initiative, Big Sky Girls are truly leading a new generation of artists.

Big Sky Girls Volume Two album compilation is out now on all download and streaming platforms.