Late last year marked the release of Powdered Milk Party, the long-awaited debut EP from one of Brisbane’s brightest new bands, The Baby Breaks. A collection of five tracks that aim high and deliver in spades, Powdered Milk Party has a wholly absorbing and unique scope and sound.

Throughout the record, the band find a sweet spot between the ferocity of Queens of the Stone Age and Cage The Elephant, teed with the intelligent catchiness of The Strokes. The EP opens with lively electric guitar and brass in Be Free, the shortest track of the bunch. The song instantly rouses attention, introducing audiences to the band’s powerful layered vocals and yelps. Their latest single Bedhead follows and keeps the mood high despite cutting lyrics like “I’ve been cheating in the bed of my own head.” Like every other track on the release, The Baby Breaks are impressively able to translate an abundance of live energy to studio recordings that are impossible to listen to without grooving.

The centrepiece of Powdered Milk Party is the epic and impassioned Hang It On A Wall, which is perfected by a dangerously sharp solo, and impactful lyrics bound to stick like, “I remember your eyes clearly every time I drink, and the words that you whispered keep me from my sleep.” The quartet then pays homage to old school rock ‘n’ roll with the gloriously catchy My Old Home, with a snappy bass-line and a chorus that’s sure to be shouted back at the band anytime they bring this baby out at a live show. The band’s too-good-to-be-a-debut-single One Handed Clap rounds out the party, closing the record with a bang.  

On their debut EP, Powdered Milk Party, The Baby Breaks prove themselves as one of Queensland’s most remarkable new bands.

Catch the The Baby Breaks bringing their No Role Models Tour to Brisbane’s The Zoo on 6 March, 2020. All event info HERE.


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