Premium Mediocre, the debut album from Brisbane/Brighton garage rockers Animal House has been a long time coming. The quintet took an unconventional route recording and promoting the largely self-produced LP, dropping eighteen singles under “the Premium Mediocre line,” eleven of which make it onto the final track-list. The result: a collection of garage-rock bangers laden with catchy hooks and charm.

A relentlessly positive 46-minute record, this debut reeks of fun, maintaining a high-pace throughout. The band keeps listeners guessing, throwing in curveballs like the party anthem Happy Man and Peaches which sounds like The Beatles from in their White Album days. Fans who’ve kept up-to date with the singles from Premium Mediocre, will be delighted to know the band held back three of their best for the full release in The Joy of Missing Out, Not Bothered and Happy Man ensuring surprises for all. Animal House have put forward the ideal garage-rock party album by literally filling it with singles, one of the many highlights of which just has to be Secret Meetings – a memorable, sad-funny track about being cheated on but kind of enjoying it.

Premium Mediocre is an unapologetically fun record that boasts an abundance of memorable one-liners.  

Animal House’s debut album Premium Mediocre is out now


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