Be it a long train ride, a Sunday afternoon, or late at night snuggled under your doona– you’re going to want to set a decent amount of time aside to listen to Alice Night’s debut album Culture How Could You?

Spun into existence between Brisbane and New York, listening to Culture How Could You? is like falling down the rabbit hole and entering a mystic world. Each track is an exquisite kaleidoscope of mesmerising vocals conveying snippets of wisdom, set to a bed of folk instrumentation, classical influences and electronic sprinklings.

From the opening moments of the record’s first track Brave, Alice’s voice washes over you like a breath of fresh air, drawing you in with reflective tales about life. Inspired by the immersive art scene of New York city, Alice ponders through her music if there is a better way to live, if following one’s dreams is possible, and how we can all find ways to treat one another and our planet, better.

Fans of Bjork, Lorde and Ladyhawke will adore this enchanting debut. If you’re short on time, dip your toes in and give Brave, Don’t Forget That You Were Born, Lilly Piper Faye and Grey Sky Day a spin. Then on a chilly afternoon listen to the entire album and we promise you won’t be disappointed – if anything you’ll be playing this record on repeat!

Listen to Culture How Could You? here, and check in with Alice’s website for a tour announcement which is coming soon.