Last week Brisbane singer-songwriter Aiden Bradley released his sophomore EP Low-Key/High Strung, a short collection of tracks that continue to prove the musician’s growth in every aspect of his craft. For this EP, Bradley brought on board a variety of fellow up-and-coming local artists from songwriters Lili Rose Porter, Lochie Matthews and Port Sunday, to the wholesome rocker Your Man Alex Smith, and the surprising additions of Brisbane rappers Audio Compass and Parlour.

Low-Key/High Strung opens with lead single Mess Things Up, a tender duet between Bradley and Lili Rose Porter that begins softly before expanding to include percussion, layered guitars and gorgeous vocals. The progressive Ignore Me with Your Man Alex Smith follows and features a glorious build enhanced by layered vocals and electric guitars. The EP’s centrepiece, Stupid Things, with Lochie Matthews, is a wonderfully poignant and cinematic tune featuring some of the releases’ most intimate performances. On the next track Under Siege, Bradley throws a curveball in the mix and reworks one of his first singles to include an expanded instrumentation as well as verses performed by upcoming rappers Parlour and Audio Compass. Closing track Slow Motion with Port Sunday opensquietly but quickly grows into the EP’s most vibrant instrumental featuring brass, strings, backing vocals, percussion and of course acoustic guitar. Throughout the release Bradley proves his growth, with memorable lyricism, melodies and passionate performances from everyone involved.

Aiden Bradley’s sophomore EP Low-Key/High Strung is hands down his best collection of work to date.

Aiden Bradley’s sophomore, collaborative EP Low-Key/High Strung is out now.


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