Brisbane’s favourite shoegazers FOREVR are eager to leave their mark on 2016. They’ve expanded their sonic capabilities with the addition of two new members, and will be bringing their revamped sound to the stages of BIGSOUND and Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival this September.

If that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, the band also have some new tunes on the horizon.

“We’ve spent in excess of a couple of hundred hours in the studio so far working on new material. Everything is at different stages, from being essentially finished to more or less rough sketches or scaffolds to build songs around,” said guitarist Donovan Miller.

“For us, innovation always comes first. We want to make music that’s not strangled by any preconceived notions of what kinds of sounds go with which.”

With such a high volume of music in the works, the band have joked that their new record may take them a million years to make. In that vein, we asked them to give us a list of things they believe will happen in the time it takes them to release their long-awaited next record.


  1. I will become President of Australia. Extrapolate the finer details of that occurrence at your own leisure.
  1. The Federal Government will build a bullet train between Perth and Brisbane (Australia’s new capital). I mean – it seems like it would be fun, taking that trip. You could drink a few gins in that timeframe, I would imagine.
  1. Something will go wrong with the soundcard of the computer that our simulated lives are being run inside of right now, sound will stop existing and I’ll be out of a job and the whole recording process will have been moot. Except for the memories.
  1. The first gig on Mars. Although – that’ll be our launch for this lot of material, so this doesn’t count as a valid answer. I’m not perfect. Not yet.
  1. On a less light-hearted note, hopefully we’ll see some real progress in the way of Indigenous, PoC, LGBTQ, and women’s rights, both at home and worldwide. People will see each other for what they really are – just that, people. We can dream.

Don’t wait a minute longer than you have to – make sure you follow FOREVR on Facebook to hear their new tunes the second they drop!

Catch FOREVR at BIGSOUND (7-9 September) and Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival (10 September).

Feature image by Savannah van der Niet