A playlist for fans of Triple J, Triple J Unearthed and 4ZZZ who enjoy discovering and supporting local Queensland music.

The summer heat is winding down as Queensland segues into slightly cooler Autumn weather in preparation for winter. One facet of this great State that hasn’t cooled down though is the amazing music being churned out by local artists. With musical deep and meaningfuls to trippy fantasies, the gems we’ve unearthed tackle everything from dating woes to space travel. So put on your headphones and indulge in the best tunes released by Queensland artists this April.

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Gold Coast duo Geniie Boy
Kicking off their 2022 with an intergalactic BANG! comes GENIIE BOY’s scrumptious electro-pop number Elevator To The Sky. A hazy kaleidoscope of lush synths, cheerful electric guitar lines and Alisha Todd’s soaring vocals makes for an otherworldly sonic journey that glistens with interstellar production. Inspired by a podcast musing on the possibility of humans one day travelling to space in an elevator, the Gold Coast duo’s latest offering embraces the weird and wonderful, with the accompanying music video furthering the quirky galaxy-traversing intrigue.

Sunshine Coast artist Luung
Washing in like a wave of hope (which humanity so desperately needs), is LUUNG’s dreamy pop ballad Sky’s Still Here. The second track on the Sunshine Coast artist’s double single release (alongside Coast To Coast), Sky’s Still Here is a heartfelt piece touting the message that no matter what, things will be okay. LUUNG’s distinctive voice and a heavenly combination of minimalist pop and folk create a beautiful aural realm perfect for delving into to escape the mundanity of the everyday. Pop your headphones in for an even more intense and transcendent listening experience.

Brisbane band Big Dinner
Turning pain into prolific prose, Big Dinner’s Father’s Day wraps anyone who grew up without a father figure and/or positive male role models, in a comforting sonic blanket. From feelings of unworthiness and missing out, to learning to be wholly self-reliant, the Brisbane quartet capture in sound the plethora of emotions associated with being fatherless on Father’s day in this gentle yet lush track that fuses elements of indie-rock, pop and jazz. A sonic exploration of personal development and understanding, Father’s Day starts an important conversation about a social issue deserving of more attention.

Brisbane band Cheap Date
To commit or not to commit? That is the question plaguing Brisbane outfit Cheap Date on their thrilling and infectiously catchy new single Honest. Blending elements of 90s pop rock with indie flair, Honest lyrically teeters between falling for someone romantically, yet not feeling as connected to that person as you feel you could be. A hazy melodic soundscape mirrors this sense of confusion, as vocalist Lara concludes optimistically that ‘I could tell you that I love you but it just wouldn’t be, honest.” If 90s rocker Courtney Love collaborated with noughties idol Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ frontwoman Karen O, Honest would be the blissful result.

Brisbane trio Blussh
Glamour, the first track from Brisbane trio BLUSSH’s forthcoming EP of the same name, has a tremendous 90s grunge-punk charm. Thick heavy guitars, frenetic vocals, throbbing bass lines, and pounding drums that push and tug combine to convey the brutal ache of desire that the notion of “glamour” often traps us in. Lyrically, the song is both an observation and a warning – that in the appearance of beauty, disaster lurks. For in the need to be seen as glamorous – that is, to have it all – we can unwittingly become enslaved to unhealthy infatuation. Glamour is a rousing anthem fans of acts like HOLE will appreciate.

Straight Girls
Known for exploring themes of lust, love and heartbreak in charming pop prose, Straight Girls’ (the solo project of Rhian Cruice) latest track Best Friend has us swooning as she plumbs the depths of those bliss filled days of having a crush on someone new. An intoxicating tale of falling in lust with a friend of a friend who reciprocates your experience, Best Friend reels listeners in with stream-of-consciousness-like lyrics that leave you feeling like you’ve spent time in the artist’s head riding the waves of giddying emotions. As the line goes, “I think your best friend might have a thing for me,” press play on this gem and you’re sure to catch feelings for Straight Girls’ music.

North Queensland artist Matilda Duncan
If putting effort into someone who doesn’t return the favour has ever left you bitter, then Matilda Duncan’s gorgeous single Psycho is here to make you feel better. Featuring echoing electric guitar passages, a flurry of percussion and emotive bridges that build to a powerful climax, Psycho showcases the North Queenslander’s impressive artistic range and glorious vocal chops. A turning point in her professional and personal life, Psycho sees Matilda step into her power as she realises some individuals are not worth expending energy on. A wondrous melting pot of folk storytelling, indie-pop soundscapes and a rock attitude, Psycho is an absolute delight.

Saint Barae and Rene Le Feuvre
Think About Us is a collaboration between two of the Gold Coast’s brightest up-and-comers (who also happen to be housemates), Saint Barae and Rene Le Feuvre. Straddling the line between soul-baring ballad and a slow-burning dance floor groove, Think About Us reflects on the experience of showing up for someone who is struggling with their mental health. Rene’s trademark electric guitar riffs paired with Saint Barae’s penchant for glittering synth hooks make for an 80s-inspired release fans of musicians like The Weeknd will adore.

Brisbane band sweater curse
It’s a bittersweet moment in sweater curse camp, as the trio simultaneously releases their infectious indie-rock ditty Economising On Cabs and announce they’re calling it a day, with their farewell show set for 18 June. Written at a low point, guitarist Chris Langenberg says Economising On Cabs is about the self-inflicted pain of holding onto a relationship that isn’t working anymore. The track, which was recorded in 2021, captures the band at their roaring best. It begins with a typical sweater curse guitar screech, and is a reminder of how expansive the band’s sound is. Whether you’re a long time fan or encountering sweater curse for the first time, be sure to give this one a spin. Thanks for the epic music sweater curse, we salute you!

Brisbane artist Mardi Lumsden
When life gave us the covid 19 lemons back in 2020, Brisbane songstress Mardi Lumsden decided to use her time to make musical lemonade, writing happy songs with co-writer, producer and husband Andrew Pennay. Her latest indie-pop beauty, Here If You Need, is one of those sonic pick-me-ups. Inspired by the netball call “here if you need me” (which signals to a player you can take the ball if they need to pass), Mardi’s new track honours authentic friendships, celebrating those individuals you can turn to during the highs and lows of life. Swapping her folk sensibilities for synths and addictive pop beats, Here If You Need is a delectable first taste of Mardi’s sophomore album and an earworm you’ll want to play on repeat.

Gold Coast songstress Ella Fence
Raw. Reflective. Melancholic. Ella Fence strikes a collective chord on stunning new single The Child. Giving pause to the chaotic events of the past two years, The Child captures a world caught in a loop of mania and fatigue; productivity and depression; connectedness and isolation. With an overarching message of perseverance, Ella’s voice resonates, proclaiming that despite the world’s two-year seclusion, it is time to retake the streets. A calm, steadying hand in a world fraught with complexities, The Child is a “must add” to your playlist.

Gold Coast artist Bella Paton
Glistening keys and a voice like velvet ushers in Gold Coast artist Bella Paton’s newest creation, Mad Girls. An indie-pop diamond, Mad Girls is a tongue-in-cheek perspective on how it feels as an artist to share your career plans with other people. A little bit sweet and a little bit salty, this one will leave fans of acts like Lorde in a state of appreciative bliss.


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