Featuring airy vocals and crooner vibes reminiscent of John Mayer’s Your Body Is A Wonderland, laidback meets longing on Zander Rhodes’ whimsical new single, Falling, out 24 July.

Dropping his debut single Byron Bay in September 2019, closely followed by EP Whiny Folk Songs, Zander has been making waves in the local indie-folk scene this past year, with Falling his first release for 2020.

Falling was inspired by the beautiful country surrounding me. It is a joyfully creative, sun-laden tribute to lost love, drenched in sentimentality,” said the Yorkshire native who now resides in tropical Queensland.

Growing up with a religious love of great singer-songwriters like Bob DylanPaul Simon and Joni Mitchell, Zander says he’s always been drawn to the storytelling element of folk music, a thread that will continue on his forthcoming sophomore EP The Great Unknown, from which Falling is lifted.

“My second EP The Great Unknown promises a contemporary sound that sits between indie-folk and Australiana-tinged alt-country. It will showcase a diverse array of influences, including blues, roots, and soul.” 

Fresh from working in the studio with Producer Brock Weston, Zander is ready to unleash a sea of new music, which we look forward to hearing.

Regale lost love and tune into the nostalgic atmosphere of Zander Rhodes’ latest single, Falling, streaming exclusively below.