Saddle up, buckle in and get ready for one hell of a rock ‘n’ roll ride, cause Your Man Alex Smith is turning the volume up to full throttle on his rambunctious new single, Trigger, out 9 August.

A dynamic creator with an aptitude for traversing genres and layering meaning in poetic-like prose, Your Man Alex Smith’s latest release takes a turn from the country stylings of his previous single Align, into the musings of heavy rock as he opens the lid on an issue deserving of discussion.

“This particular song is about being triggered at a party after seeing someone from your past and proceeding to have a panic attack,” said Alex.

“I wanted to represent the feeling of having a panic attack in a way that was musically enjoyable on the surface, while also conveying a deeper level of meaning for people willing to find it. It’s written so people who aren’t invested in the lyrics will think it’s just another song about sex.”

Produced by Nick O’Donnell, Trigger is a chapter in the story being told on Alex’s forthcoming album, Slow Burn. Riff-heavy and featuring an anthemic chorus, the track is a nod to legendary influences like Foo Fighters with a Nirvana-esque touch. It’s the third and final preview of the ambitious record yet to come, on which Alex says each song is a different genre.

“On previous records I’ve attempted to find the commonality across songs, I’ve thrown that out the window for Slow Burn. I’ve always loved musical theatre and having each song play out like its own scene, across different genres, is a fun and interesting way to talk about the themes of trauma and grief that lie at the heart of the album.”

Eager to test-drive some new tunes, fans attending Alex’s Trigger single launch at Rics Bar on 18 August should come ready to learn new lyrics and belt out the old ones. Despite changing genres, comradery remains the core element of every song this Brisbane troubadour curates.

“I’ve always written songs so people who’ve been in similar situations can feel like they’re not alone. I hope listeners experience that with Trigger and feel empowered to start the conversation with someone if they’re having a hard time.”

Rambunctious and real; empowering and empathetic, stream Your Man Alex Smith’s new single Trigger, exclusively below and catch him playing Rics Bar on 18 August. All event info HERE.


Feature image: Your Man Alex Smith by Jay Bloodsworth