Like a musical box, The Wandering Lost’s debut EP Water’s Edge is full of sweet, indie-rock tunes you won’t want to close the lid (or press ‘stop’) on.

Taking care of the entire recording and production process themselves, Water’s Edge is a major accomplishment for the Brisbane quintet who have come a long way since forming late last year.

“Our song-writing and production skills have improved since our first batch of singles. On this record we’re more aware of who we are as musicians and how our individual styles and sounds fit together as a band,” said guitarist and keys player Ben Goulter.

Blending indie, rock, blues and punk influences, Water’s Edge dissects emotional mindsets and challenging relationships throughout its six tracks.

“We were inspired by the writing process and letting the music speak for itself. We didn’t specifically set out to sound like anyone else, we just wrote the music the way it is, because we loved how it sounded and how we felt when we played it together,” said bassist Kat Bermingham.

The Wandering Lost will be officially launching their EP alongside Brisbane pop darling Ayla at The Zoo, this Saturday, 8 October.

Want to be one of the first to hear The Wandering Lost’s debut EP before it’s released? Then grab your headphones because Water’s Edge is streaming exclusively below, with some extra track-by-track info the keep you in the know!


  1. Bridges
    Elle: Bridges is based on leaving a toxic and consuming relationship. The chorus lines “It’ll set you free, all the bridges will be burned and all the curses stay cursed” reflect the feeling of finally being free but always remembering that particular relationship and having it shape you as a person.
  2. Naomi
    Blake: The inspiration for this song came from a couple that our band all know personally. It’s about the way someone’s significant other can see a greatness within them that they’ve never known they’ve had.
  1. Run With That Gun
    Blake: This song is about the feeling of invincibility we have when we are young. It seems that the more we are told to be careful, the more we like to push ourselves into dangerous situations.
  1. September
    Elle: September is one of my favourite tracks to sing live with the band. I love the jazz influences that work into our sound and I love how timeless it feels. Like most of our songs, I drew inspiration lyrically from old relationships. September is about the first real argument you have in a relationship and overcoming that for the first time.
  1. Water’s Edge
    Blake: This track is about dark times taking over someone’s life and what it feels like to be constantly trying to keep a positive mind.
  1. Kaleidoscope Eyes
    Elle: The lyrics in Kaleidoscope Eyes represent my teen years. I was so naive and too trusting with those around me. I was yet to learn that life is hard and things take time. I was looking at the world with ‘Kaleidoscope eyes’ as the world isn’t black and white as I once had thought.

Catch The Wandering Lost launching their debut EP Water’s Edge at The Zoo this Saturday night, 8 October. All event information available here.