Following your dreams can be tough; even tougher if your dreams interfere with your love life. On her stunning new music video Kiss The Stars, Cairns-based singer-songwriter Vivien Aisi takes her real life experience of this very dilemma and turns it into a poignant piece that, at its core, champions unconditional love.

Throwing out the rulebook that says break-ups cannot be amicable and you can’t remain friends with an ex, Kiss The Stars purports the powerful alternative that, in some instances, you really can move past your shared pain to become each other’s biggest cheerleaders.  

Kiss the Stars is a song written about not giving up on your dreams when in a relationship. Both individuals have their paths and aspirations but sometimes trying to make it work together ends up destroying the relationship. And despite things not working out, you still support and encourage each other to keep going towards your dreams,” said Vivien.

Working with Director and Videographer Roger Dat, the accompanying music video for Kiss The Stars conveys the sentiments of feeling lost and vulnerable whilst trying to accept the end of a long-term relationship and wishing the other party well. Staying true to reality, the video features Vivien and the ex she shares this experience with, fellow hip-hop artist MC Pyrit.

“My vision for the Kiss The Stars video was to show the emotion behind the song. To help do this, the video goes from full colour representing when the relationship began (from my perspective) and showing over time the challenges surfacing – both working full time jobs to make ends meet while the yearning to follow our dreams in music grew stronger and caused tension.”

“It all goes to black and white when the tension reaches a new level and I know it’s over. We still want what’s best for each other, which is what the song is all about. We are two very different artists and individuals who still support each other today, which is how the video ends.”

Making huge strides in both her personal and professional life, Vivien, who has been active in the music scene for over a decade supporting other artists’ projects, made the decision to seriously pursue her own music after lending her voice to MC Pyrit’s debut single Dream Walkers last year. Kiss The Stars is the follow-up to her debut single Lost In Time, with both tracks featuring on her debut EP which is due for release on 13 November 2020.

With the release of her forthcoming debut EP, multiple collaborations and an album in the pipelines, Vivien is continuing to follow her heart and work towards making her dreams a reality.

Be inspired to follow your heart and your dreams by watching Vivien Aisi’s gorgeous new music video Kiss The Stars, exclusively below.