Tackling the indescribable loss we all feel at some point in our lives, TRAILS’ cosmic new single Phasing Out, is a cathartic release that packs an emotional punch.

Space-tinged guitars sparkle amidst a towering wall of synths, providing a mesmerising alt-rock sound bed upon which front man Tyler Shilling’s brooding vocals relay the experience of despair and grief that comes from watching someone you care about slowly deteriorate and succumb to illness.

Phasing Out is about that universal grief we all feel when we experience loss in our lives,” said Tyler.

“The narrator in Phasing Out goes through the stages of mourning; first lamenting the worsening condition of their loved one, then questioning themselves and what they could have done to change things before ultimately accepting the situation.”

It’s a deeply personal track for the Brisbane five-piece and has a stripped back feel compared to their two previous singles IOU and Shiva, which Tyler says were born from disillusionment. Produced at SAE Institute with the help of the Sonic Bakery team, Phasing Out gives nod to influences like Radiohead, Everything Everything and Grizzly Bear.

“We spent an agonising amount of time crafting the sonic space of Phasing Out, pushing the song to higher levels with each passing bar and trying to reach that emotional catharsis we were looking for.”

Fittingly, the song ends on a bittersweet tone as acceptance, the final phase of grief, sets in.

“The psychedelic, spacey elements that enter the song in the second half are symbolic of a shift in the story. Both in the bittersweet mood of the narrator who is relieved their loved one is no longer suffering, and also the physical passing over to another plane of existence.”

Keen to “open a portal into another dimension,” TRAILS will be launching Phasing Out at The Flying Cock this Friday, 18 May. They’ve also got another single in the works with plans to head back to the studio to record more music later this year.

Stream TRAILS’ emotionally existential new single Phasing Out exclusively below. Phasing Out is available on all digital outlets tomorrow, Wednesday 16 May. Launch show tickets available HERE.